Daily Outfit: Skirted Issue

26 09 2011

Last weekend I went out on the town to celebrate a friend’s birthday.  Instead of hitting the usual bar scene, we went to a beautiful hotel and partied it up in their Wine Cellar.  This was also the week I kind of spilled the beans about what I was doing with my blog to my friends.  Some thought it was silly, but others were incredibly encouraging.  Take Alicia, my lovely photographer for the evening!  I don’t know how so many fashion bloggers manage just using a self-timer, I definitely need someone to hold the camera- which probably means the quality of my shots will completely vary depending on who I get to take my photos.  But I’m okay with that, it’ll make  life more interesting!

[Gifted top, Derek Heart Skirt, Primark Bag, Primark Heels, Crisson Earrings, Luxury for Less Cuff.]

I am planning a few posts soon that talk about my love of certain styles of interiors.  The foyer above is a great example- so old-world glamorous with the gold elevators, marbled floors, sconces and mirrors everywhere.  Beautiful.  I really adore a whole pile of design blogs, but feel that since I am still living with my parents I am limited with what I can do with my space.  For now, I am going through all of my clothes and trying to purgepurgepurge so that I am no longer faced with the “million things in my closet but nothing to wear” dilemma.

This is one of those outfits that came out of a moment of panic.  A friend was picking me up soon, I couldn’t find anything that satisfied me and I somehow jumped into this.  I quite like it now, but at the time I was rushing around just trying to be ready on time.  Next time, I think I am going to focus on my photo setup, as I am giving a bit of crazy face in most of these.

My updates were infrequent this weekend because I had a family dinner and a wedding to attend.  That means I got to dress up a lot, but was also too busy to write posts.  To make up for it, I took lots of photographs and even have a disturbing question I’m going to pose to you all later.  I also am going to share a crafting fail I had last week and hopefully, I will be able to rescue it and show you a wonderful finished product.  But who knows, it may be more crazyface until then!