Metafictional Wishlist: Hallelu

22 09 2011

This must be my week for finding cool, funky new online stores.  Hallelu is a family-run fashion retailer based out of North Carolina.  I love them because they ship internationally and they also have a fun section dedicated to how bloggers wear the various items on their site.  It’s great to see how the different elements look styled by real girls, although I must say I like how Hallelu have styled these pieces.

Going through their looks, I realise how much I am loving sweet mini-pleats.  I have been covertly collecting bad 80s pleated skirts from thrift stores and hemming them up into something sassy and cute.  But I think the below display is further evidence that I have a problem.…

Top Row:
Jasmine Sweater– $83
16 Candles Dress– $39
Tripoli Layer Dress– $34
Collectable Dots Skirt– $32

Bottom Row:
Olive You Top– $25
Ponte Dress– $57
All Caught Up Shorts– $71
Butter Bag– $48

I like that there is a pretty consistent palate between all of these pieces.  I’d wear the cool semi-open weave sweater with the sweet lace shorts.  I’d toughen up the mint tripoli dress with leather booties and a skinny black belt.  I’d double-team the dots by pairing the coral skirt and sheer blouse.  I love the on-trend rust colour of the ponte dress and would scrape my hair into a top knot and throw on some sassy orange lipstick.  Finally, that red bag would be a great weekend errand bag, it’s soft, stylish but roomy enough to throw in everything you’ll need for a day of fun.

I am planning a new skirt reconstruction and this post I think is my inspiration to get it done, so that I can get my pleat on ASAP.  Have you ever shopped Hallelu?  How would you wear their gear?