DIY Inspiration: Shoes

9 09 2011

It is hardly a shock that a 23 year old woman loves shoes.  While I live in flip flops during the sweaty island summer days, I love a great blinged-out sandal, a flashy pump, a suede platform heel and even a sweet ballet flat.  I can’t get enough.  And while I do have quite a shoe collection (my dad often asks if I actually wear them all), I also find myself craving more!  Since I am trying to be recessionista-chic, my best option is DIY!  There are quite a few awesome thrift stores locally that I grab amazing shoes at, but I am trying to be a bit more open minded about the ones I see there that may have as-yet undiscovered potential.  Here is a roundup of a few awesome projects I’ve found across the web!Painted Soles
1.  Craftster Lace Patterned Wedges: These absolutely magical wedges are from Craftster user petite_patineuse and are hand-detailed with gold and silver markers.  I wish I had the skill or the patience, but the results are beautiful.  Check them out in full-detail with instructions.
2.  Dirty Hems Neon Sole Heels: This simple DIY elevates a simple black shoe into something fun, on-trend and a little bit daring.  She’s taken lots of great pictures to help show you how to take your black heels from “meh” to “meow!”

1.  Craftster Red Dorothy Glitter Heels: Another pair that I spotted on Craftster, this time by user kellianneeee.  She takes a pair of classic peep-toes and updates them first with red glitter and then a cheeky yellow brick road painted on the bottom.  A riff on the classic red-soles of Christian Louboutin’s, but the end result is playful and fun.  She also has an etsy page, where you can custom-order glittered out shoes if you’re low on time and want her pristine results.
2.  Honestly WTF DIY Miu Miu Sneakers: I’m not normally a sneaker girl, but the original Miu Miu’s are to die for.  Style mavens from Honestly WTF must think the same thing, because they made their own awesome version.  I’m literally biding my time until I find a pair of appropriate shoes to bling out.

Make them your own
1.  A Matter of Style’s DIY Stella MCCartney and Zara asymmetric shoes: While painting, glittering and bedazzling shoes may seem like elementary DIY, A Matter of Style took it to a new level by cutting into her pumps to create a new sexy silhouette for her heel.  I have a shoe I could do this to, but I am terrified of ruining them completely.
2.  …love Maegan’s Christian Louboutin Petal Sandal DIY: A gorgeous, floaty and completely removable sandal adornment.  While this DIY came out in 2009, the style is still very fun and replicates styles still in stores today.  Me likey!

Sitting with a very random grouping of books, my Oasis tribute solo shoe.

I wish I could say I had a great history of shoe DIY’s, but actually it’s a bit embarrassingly abysmal.  Years ago, I bought cheapie white slip-on canvas shoes and tried to graffiti with Sharpies to create a punky, urban look but they ended up looking like… well…. I had tried writing on my sneaker with marker.  Those went into the trash.

Next up, I scored these awesome white pointy-toed pumps in a thrift store and covered a heel with Oasis lyrics.  It looked awesome, but I was terrified to wear them and had no way of sealing them.  I moved as I was in the middle of the project and managed to lose one of the shoes.  The other sits on my shelf as a bit of temporary art.


When I pulled them out to take a picture, the camera stopped working properly. The shoe mocks me, yet again.

The final shoe DIY I’ve done was more of a success.  I wanted to replicate the Jeffrey Campbell shoes that half of the blogosphere had taken on with thumbtacks.  I found the perfect shoes for the project, but ran out of the style of tacks I was using.  The shoes got finished with different tacks, but the finished product isn’t as clean as I’d have preferred.  I wore them once on Halloween as Lady Gaga and now they sit on my shoe shelf, mocking me.  I have been tempted to take the tacks out and re-do them with all the same type, but I haven’t found the time yet.

But I am feeling that creative itch and I know shoes are what I want to focus on so hopefully this inspiration kicks my butt into gear and gets me going on some DIY!

I’m a liar baby, but I’m back…

20 02 2011

Well, so much for my new years resolutions for 2010.  Somehow as it got a bit colder, my blog got a little lonelier and then summer gushed in and I had no time to do anything but dissertate and sunbathe.  I feel worlds away, and in many ways, I am.  I have finished  my masters degree, which means I have a whole pile of fancy letters behind my name and a shitty-paying job to show for it (MSc Media & Communications & BA Specialised Honours English, natch).  I have moved back in with my parents, which generally has been fine but it is odd readjusting to my old life at home that I haven’t lived since I was 16.  Some days, I feel just as young.

A lot of the working world are things I just wasn’t ready to face.  I’m used to being the best version of me, and there is no grading rubric to understand what went wrong when a boss tells you what you’re doing isn’t good enough.  I have weird dilemmas from what to wear to the office to how to date when being a 20-something living with my parents.

I am also finding new and interesting ways to entertain myself, since my life doesn’t revolve around school anymore.  First, I am trying to reorganise my life- mentally, physically, spiritually- the whole shebang.  I’m tackling this in a rather literal sense with a room revamp.  I’m not 16 anymore, but my decor has stayed the same for many years.  It’s time for my more mature sensibilities to be reflected in my design.  I will post some absolutely cringey before photos soon, and eventually… some zen-like, crisp after shots.  It’s hard living here because everything is much more expensive and there’s no Ikea or the likes to turn to.  Only designer or second-hand… but I have my eyes open and I am fixing my creative sights on a kind of vague vision.  I’ll be sharing that vision here.

Just a few of the dresses I need to sort through in this re-organisation of life

The second part of the life revamp is embracing my creativity.  From home DIY to sewing to interior design… I am becoming all sorts of handy.  I have this very stubborn demeanour where I am *convinced* that I will be AWESOME at dress reconstruction or painting furniture or baking a rhubarb white chocolate cake.  And while, thus far, these experiments have been more dreams and plans than actual execution… I am finally doing something about that and want to change the tenor of this blog as a documentation process of the different undertakings.  I want to tell the world about the books I’m reading, the shoes I think are drool-worthy and the changes I’m making to my life.  I know it’s pretty narcissistic to believe anyone out in the blogosphere actually would care about what I’m putting up here, but it’s theraputic and a great way to reflect back on my experiences.  With that said, I’m back, bitches!