Metafictional Wishlist: Hallelu

22 09 2011

This must be my week for finding cool, funky new online stores.  Hallelu is a family-run fashion retailer based out of North Carolina.  I love them because they ship internationally and they also have a fun section dedicated to how bloggers wear the various items on their site.  It’s great to see how the different elements look styled by real girls, although I must say I like how Hallelu have styled these pieces.

Going through their looks, I realise how much I am loving sweet mini-pleats.  I have been covertly collecting bad 80s pleated skirts from thrift stores and hemming them up into something sassy and cute.  But I think the below display is further evidence that I have a problem.…

Top Row:
Jasmine Sweater– $83
16 Candles Dress– $39
Tripoli Layer Dress– $34
Collectable Dots Skirt– $32

Bottom Row:
Olive You Top– $25
Ponte Dress– $57
All Caught Up Shorts– $71
Butter Bag– $48

I like that there is a pretty consistent palate between all of these pieces.  I’d wear the cool semi-open weave sweater with the sweet lace shorts.  I’d toughen up the mint tripoli dress with leather booties and a skinny black belt.  I’d double-team the dots by pairing the coral skirt and sheer blouse.  I love the on-trend rust colour of the ponte dress and would scrape my hair into a top knot and throw on some sassy orange lipstick.  Finally, that red bag would be a great weekend errand bag, it’s soft, stylish but roomy enough to throw in everything you’ll need for a day of fun.

I am planning a new skirt reconstruction and this post I think is my inspiration to get it done, so that I can get my pleat on ASAP.  Have you ever shopped Hallelu?  How would you wear their gear?

Metafictional Wishlist: HeRe J

20 09 2011

I still am working on my editorial schedule *giggle*.  I keep finding tons of new, awesome blogs that have me spending my online time reading and reading and reading and not posting.  It is something like link roulette and I find myself clicking from blog to blog to see what they have going on!  I have recently found the wonderful eat.sleep.wear. run by adorable Kimberly.  Her fashion sense is gorgeous and I have been avidly clicking through the links of her style to the sources.  Today, she posted an outfit featuring a to-die-for leopard skirt courtesy of HeRe J.  I’d never heard of them so I surfed over and was totally loving their on-trend, affordable clothes.  They are fun, flirty and fashion-forward, so I decided to do a little round-up of my favourite looks they have.

Top Row:
Stripe Crop Tee– $18
Leopard Print Crop Tee– $9.50
Pixy Cotton Pleated Dress– $17
Streets of Beverly Hills Top– $12

Bottom Row:
Leopard Maxi Skirt– $31
Dainty Lace Skirt– $30
Leopard Blouse– $31
Lady Jane Felt Hat– $34
Charming Pleated Dress– $51

All of these looks are fun and would help add dimension to a wardrobe full of classic pieces.  The striped, leopard and streets of Beverley tops are all such fun, stylish alternatives to plain t-shirts.  You could wear them with shorts, as styled here or with your favourite skinnies.  I’d pair the lace skirt with a black tank and sky-high heels.  I’d tuck the leopard blouse into a classic black pencil skirt with red pumps.  I’ve been looking for a felt hat like this for ages and this one is the perfect blend of classic and affordable.  The pleated dress is timeless and elegant and would be a great winter white.  On a colder night out with black opaque tights and heels with a skinny belt.

Enough daydreaming about these clothes, back to editing photos of me wearing them!  I promise, this blog is getting on the road!

What fashion blogs do you read?  Do you click through to see where their clothes are from?

Metafictional Wishlist: Victoria’s Secret Fall 2011

5 09 2011

I have neglected the hell out of this blog.  Life has been a whirlwind and a blur and all sorts of crazy.  I hope to talk more about myself, my life and where I’m going from here.  But all in due time, don’t need to overwhelm the world with all of my details straight off the bat!  Lately, I have been obsessed with all the amazing fashion, design and decorating inspirations that I find on various blogs.  I am hoping to channel a bit of this into my blog and use it as a vehicle to write more regularly and hopefully add more structure into my life.

Confession time:I am a chronic online window shopper.  I don’t always buy what I love, but use the styling as inspiration for the things I try to pick up at vintage stores or put together from my ill-organised closet.  Lots of the fashion roundups I see on other blogs include a variety of shops, but I’m the type that will browse the hell out of one store and then move on after I’ve found everything I like.  Having said that, here is my roundup of things I am loving from Victoria’s Secret.

Victoria's Secret Fall 2011 WishlistTop Row:
Sequin Miniskirt– $98
Tulip Skirt– $29.50
Embellished Drape Sleeve Blouse-$79.50
Cross-Front Bra Top– $24.50

Bottom Row:
The Miraculous Push-Up Bra Dress– On Sale for $88
The Corset Dress– On Sale for $49.50
The Miraculous Push-Up Bra Top in red- $59.50
The Miraculous Push-Up Bra Top in black lace- $69.50

I am loving the sassy, cleavage exposing tops that will be great with a pair of shorts for the last days of summer and under a cardigan with a flirty pencil skirt all winter.  The drape-sleeve blouse is a beautiful, bohemian top that looks great as styled with shorts but will transition well into the cool 70’s vibe that is going to be big this summer.  I won’t lie, my favourite season to dress for is summer, and that’s why this retro corset dress appeals to me, but I also included the extremely sexy push-up bra dress for the inevitable Christmas parties that aren’t that far away.  Luxe lace appeals to me during the winter, as does a little glamorous sequin.  Something about layered textures and mixed-media sexy screams winter party season to me.

Victoria’s Secret has a pretty fair price point for the quality, and I find myself using the pieces I order for years.  I know that ultimate fashionista and blogger extraordinaire …Love Maegan is also a fan of their versatile layering pieces and on-trend, affordable separates.  I often spot her wearing cardigans and various other pieces in her outfit shots.

In the spirit of revamping this blog, I am going to start taking outfit shots and hopefully introduce the blog to my concept of style.