Carly started blogging at age 13 and has had the infectious urge to share the geeky love ever since.  At 23, she no longer writes about the hilarious happenings in math class, and is instead learning what they forgot to teach her at university.  Her BA in English didn’t provide enough guidance for the real world, so she jetted off to London, England and got a Masters degree in Media and Communications.  That is a fancy way of saying that she gets to talk about Facebook and Twitter and claim to be an expert on how the media is ruining your life.

Carly has big, important dreams, so to help reach those goals she frequently straps on absurdly high heels.  Her best ideas, however, come to her when she is barefoot.  Socks stifle creativity.  As an island-child, she also tends to live in worn-out denim shorts that have sand permanently encrusted into the pockets.  She loves sushi but is allegedly allergic to some shellfish.  She is a crusader for many causes and is honing her many, varied talents which include, but are not limited to: bullshitting, very speedy jagerbombing and more recently, sinking boats.  She dreams of writing a book and living off of the profits on a beach in her tiny homeland.  She is a feminist that believes in shaving legs but disapproves of leggings worn as pants unless you are Rihanna.  Carly is random, articulate and vaguely insane.  She kind of loves third person (see: entire description).  She previously worked a variety of jobs including gymnastics coach, tourism ambassador, folklife helper and organiser of a music festival.  Music is very, very important.  Carly is opinionated and sassy, and you’ll thank her for it later.

For inquiries, general chatter or lavish presents, email metafictionalblog@gmail.com

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