Daily Outfit: Vested Interest

21 09 2011

My first attempt at an on-body outfit post!  (Yes, I like to celebrate the small milestones, haha).  I went to a local open-mic night and wanted to be comfortable, casual but stylish.  The weather is still scorching in my parts, so I needed some breathable fashion.  A friend of mine was obliging enough to take photos of me on her Blackberry, since I forgot my camera.  I am getting a bit better explaining to friends that it is not out of complete vanity that I am making them take a huge series of photos of my clothes.  And I think with a bit more practice, I may not make such awkward faces and poses.  But I don’t promise anything, since I’m a relatively awkward individual.  It’s cool, I like it.

[H&M top, Marks & Spencer Vest, American Eagle Shorts, Primark Ballet Flats, John Lewis Bag, Pocket Watch Necklace from Brick Lane Market, Fairtrade gold and silver cuff.]

I love this outfit for it’s monochromatic sleekness- trouser-style denim shorts teamed with a cap sleeve white shirt dressed up with a linen vest.  My favourite element, however, is the back of the linen vest, which has a gorgeous silk inset.  The photo doesn’t capture it precisely, but I love wearing it.  I am slowly collecting vests, or waistcoats (I am never sure what to call them) but don’t always know what to wear with them.  I am trying to use them more frequently to dress up basic combinations (like shorts and a white tee).

I only felt mildly weird posing at night, on a street corner.  Luckily, my awesome friend and photographer was very patient with me.  I explained why I wanted the photos, and she was so excited to hear about my new blog.  She has a rocking tumblr, and she is going to be guest posting some recipes over here in the near future (yes, that was me putting you on the spot, Aruna).

I had been messaging her before she actually showed up to the open mic night and when she arrived, we had the best laugh- we were matching.  Do you ever accidentally match with friends?



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21 09 2011

i think that is a super cute outfit 🙂

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