Spring Awakening

20 02 2011

Last week, I got a sneaky midday message from one of my friends who also recently started working.  She was hoping desperately that the winter weather eased up for the weekend so we could go outside, lounge in the sun and maybe plan an impromptu fishing trip.  Immediately, I was distracted from my work and was daydreaming of summers gone by with sun so blazing you couldn’t imagine it ever getting to be cold on the island.

This is a snap I took a few years ago while at lunch at Ariel Sands Hotel, which sadly no longer exists.  But ahhh, doesn’t it feel warm and relaxing and tropical?  Unfortunately, this weekend brought rain and wind and more rain.  So much so that the electricity in my house went out for a few hours, leaving me sitting on the floor in the middle of my mess grumbling and pretending to reorganise when all I really wanted to do was curl up and get back into bed.

So just a warning, folks.  I’m channelling my inner-mother nature to ensure that this Spring business starts happening soon.  And yes, that is Halloween rather than me being a lunatic on a regular day… although it’s been known to happen.  Apologies for the older photos but the camera is being wonky.  Working on fixing it up to ensure that you see the world I’m living in clearly.  Even when there’s torrential rain and clutter.  Back to the piles I go!




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