Morning Music: Glee

19 01 2010

I will start with a disclaimer: I absolutely love musical theatre.  I love camp, cheesy costumes, over exaggerated dance moves and, yes, even jazz fingers hold a special place in my heart.  So perhaps my bias towards absolutely loving this television show has more to do with a love of song and dance, ridiculous plotlines and jazzy ways to work in dance routines than it has to do with quality.

The premise is simple: a high school teacher starts a glee club, which is unabashedly uncool.  He convinces the star football player to join and somehow a quirky cast of characters assembles to form the glee club.  The female lead, played by Lea Michelle, has two dads and a holier-than-thou attitude.  But somehow, characters like hers are totally likable.  I don’t want to spoil any of the plot by revealing what happens, but there are showmances, show-pregnancies and all sorts of scheming, backstabbing and musical pizzaz.

Over Christmas, I got the Glee: The Music, Volume 1.  And I have been listening to it like an obsessive fangirl.  It manages to mix classic showtunes (Don’t Rain on My Parade from musical Funny Girl), classics (John Lennon’s Imagine), 80s rap (Young MC’s Bust a Move), 90s pop (Jennifer Paige’s ever-infectious Crush) and contemporary (Kanye West’s Gold Digger).  The entire album is novel, but not in the way that you discard it after a primary listen.  I admit listening to nearly two hours of choir-styled remixes can be a bit daunting, but adding this in a shuffled playmix makes for a music-gasm every time it pops back up.

My favourite tune on the album?  Hands down, the innovative vocal arrangement of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’. I found this sneaky YouTube copy of that portion of the episode.  Just gorgeous.  Colour me a gleek, I am in love.

They are currently on hiatus until April 13, so you have until then to catch up.  If you’re in the UK, they’ve just begun airing on E4.  You can thank me later.

New Years Resolutions

17 01 2010
Writing little notes

Alcohol, book, evil smirk... definitely up to no good.

I don’t tend to make New Years Resolutions.  This is mainly because by mid-January I am off the bandwagon and by the time we hit that month of evil known as February, I am too busy substituting love for chocolate.  But I made a few this year, mainly about personal growth.  One of them is about writing, and I plan to be doing a lot of it.  Hopefully, a lot of it happens here and gives me a decent writing portfolio that I can bandy about, claiming to be an experienced blogger.  The problem with my blogging stamina is that I am really good for a few days and then it sort of peters out.  I think it is pretty boring to talk about what you did every day or the things you saw, so I am drafting up a list of topics to talk about that will hopefully cover me until inspiration and habit force me into posting daily.  (I love blogging, I swear).

People garner up a whole host of excitement for New Years Eve.  They buy new dresses and shoes, dole out a ton of money on party tickets and champagne and end up losing their friends, not having any one to kiss at midnight and heading home with deflated hair, shoes in hand and tears running down their cheeks about ruined nights and wastes of money.  And that was just NYE of 2006, I have a whole host of similar stories.  The best time I have ever had was when I headed to the beach with a big group of friends, ignoring the rain, and made a big bonfire.  We sat around, listened to music, greeted other like-minded party-goers and went swimming at midnight wearing only a magnum of champagne and the surf that covered up our exposure.

An Island New Year Celebration

This is what holidays look like on an island.

This year, I decided I wanted something similar.  I went to a free street concert promoting “Unity in the Community”.  I had my first drink at midnight and realised that I am growing out of this party-hardy phase, that I am ready for the next big steps that require me to grow up, wear higher heels and network my ass off.  I think I am finally ready to stop being a student and start being an adult.  Because of that, I am here, writing.  Let’s hope I can keep it up this year.