December Magic

1 12 2009
Oxford Street Lights

Umbrellas, presents and double deckers on Oxford Street

There is something intangible and magical about December.  Maybe it is the memories of years past staying up all night waiting for Santa only to fall asleep just when you are sure he will be on his way.  Maybe it is waking up the entire house at 6 AM to let them know that Santa came, even though you were positive that you hadn’t been bad that year.  Perhaps the joy of Christmas is the simple act of families coming together, exchanging gifts and eating incredible food.  Whatever it is, it has finally started humming in the air.

It is refreshing to feel connected to the Christmas Spirit.  Most years, I dread hearing the cheesy tunes blaring out of every shop and my love of Mariah Carey wanes after the 20th rendition of All I Want for Christmas Is You.  I think experiencing new Christmas traditions and festivities are making me nostalgic.  This year, I am loving the season!

Piratey Good Time

Piratey fun at the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park

London is a playground for people looking to explore rich history and culture.  But what is somewhat more exciting is how they have imported and incorporated foreign traditions as their own.  Yesterday I visited the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, which is styled as a German Christmas Market.  I ate pizza from the Italian stall, I drank Gluhwein (German mulled wine for the uinitiated) and posed with a pirate.  Yeah, I have no idea what the pirate was doing there, either.  But what was so incredible was families coming together and exploring, having fun, playing games.   I went with an old friend and spent the day catching up, laughing and stuffing our faces with all the different treats and sweets.


It allegedly tasted like, "Hot and sour devil semen".

She termed the eggnog as “hot and sour devil semen”, a far cry from the cold, smooth and sweet   stuff from home.  But then again, isn’t that what living abroad is all about?




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