A Foreign Land Revisited

22 11 2009

When I had the idea to begin a new blog, it came with nearly 10 years experience of blogging on-and-off privately and publicly.  I began my foray into blogging at about 13 when the internet was a big, new, scary place for me to try to discover.  I soon was a dab-hand at HTML, graphics and writing mildly entertaining news posts about my life (keep in mind, I was only 13, I’m sure they were pretty trivial).  Shortly thereafter, I got a webcam and entered the world of cam-sites which was quickly far too seedy for my tastes.  When I hit about 15 or 16 and my social life caught up with me, blogging really fell to the way-side.  When I started university, I decided to pick it back up but only ended up with a site glorified by photographs of myself and friends.  Not quite what I wanted.

This next foray is an attempt to recapture what is so fantastic about keeping a blog: it is a way to gain audience, to give exposure and light to things that you care about and to keep track of the little things you might otherwise forget.  I have just finished relocating to London and the adjustments I am making are tremendous.  It is the little things, like nobody knowing what eggnog is, that make you realise you are in an entirely different place.*  At the brink of my release from academia, I figure I should have a portfolio of my writings, ramblings and rants.  What better way to do it than put together a blog about things I stumble upon that are interesting?  So, here goes nothing… hope it works out this time.  I’m not good with committment.

* Just as an aside, for anyone not familiar with eggnog, try not to think about the ingredients.  It may sound disgusting to combine heavy cream with eggs and liquor, but it is sweet delicious sin.