Summer is Winding Down

3 09 2009

Free Rainbow Drink Umbrellas via Pink Sherbert Photography

The weather is still scorching but the summer creeps along, the stars bowing over, bidding you farewell. It is time for us to watch the grass grow brown with drought; clotting earth trapped beneath dried-up greenery. The summer creeps along. The students crawl back into books and lined paper serve as cocktail napkins. Acting as if a summer of debauchery is really a course in enlightened thought and higher living. A social experiment. The summer creeps on and I’m left with a cocktail umbrella behind my ear and sweat in every crevice of hip, thigh, elbow, ear. It trickles to the earth like a salty libation spilled in the name of Dionysus. And your sweat is more vodka lime than water, don’t mind if I taste? The summer creeps on, creeps out and flails- climbing up the winding staircase of starlight, letting the winds fly in.




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